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Learning in ISI takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Our courses focus on fluency in oral English communication, and include Conversation and Presentations; Pronunciation; and Test Preparation. In addition, students participate in project-based learning workshops (Learn by Doing), to prepare for communciation in informal settings such as lab and study groups. Students also work one-on-one with an instructor twice a week to address individual needs. In addition to coursework, our social and integration programming provide additional opportunities for practice in speaking and listening. More information, including a detailed course schedule, is available in the ISI Factbook.

Examples of what students have to say about our courses:

"My intonation has improved a lot. Before ISI, I didn't know intonation is so important in spoken English. ISI help me to realize its importance and improve it signficantly."

"Even though I come from an English speaking country, the English here is very different both in terms of accent and usage. ISI was a great learning experience."

"The opportunities to interact with native speakers was to my mind, the most important factor that helped me improve my English. I liked the sessions with my tutor because I had good conversations with her on many useful topics related to living in the United States. That way, not only did I improve my English, but also learned many valuable things."

"The other activity I think helped me the most is the tutoring session. It provided me another great chance to talk with Americans independently. Although each session only lasted half an hour, I could talk with my tutor whatever I was interested in. That's great! My tutor made a great effort to help me correct some mispronunciations. And we also had an enjoyable talk each time."

"The conversation class [was my favorite class], because I have to practise writing, speaking and listening simutaneously in the same class, that is tough."

"I enjoyed the presentation class. It was not easy to prepare, I was really enjoy this class becasue presentation is the most important skill in most different departments."

"The SPEAK preparation class helped me most to improve my English. It provided lots of useful skills to treat such examination and helped me to get a good score."

"The SPEAK tutoring pushed me to the front of direct conversation instead of sitting and taking notes passively in the classroom."

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