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Online training software for individual study

Improve your pronunciation and fluency in the comfort of your own home.
Developed at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute, NativeAccent™ Speech Training software provides individualized language instruction that is accessible online from any computer with an Internet connection, headset, and Adobe Flash enabled browser, or through the University's MultiMedia Learning Center (MMLC).

Access to the software is free, but students must have a quality USB headset with a boom microphone that comes in front of the mouth in order to use the software at home. Headsets may be purchased on Amazon.com or at any office supply store. Students who do not wish to purchase a headset may use the software in the computer labs of the the University's MultiMedia Learning Center (MMLC).

Students are encouraged to use the software five days a week for 30 minutes a day for one quarter in order to see significant improvement. Students may also continue to use the software in subsequent quarters if needed, as long as they re-register.

To use the software, students and scholars must sign up using our online forms. Links to the online application forms will be posted on our registration page starting on the first day of the quarter for students and scholars of The Graduate School (PhDs, postdocs, and TGS masters students), and on a week later for students in a professional masters program, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and all other Northwestern affiliates. See our Registration Page for more information on eligibility and procedures for applying for an account.

Once a student has signed up successfully, he or she will receive directions on how to create an online NativeAccent™ account by e-mail. Students need to use the system regularly to retain access; inactive accounts will be suspended if there are people waiting for access on our waiting list.

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