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All of our services are only open to Northwestern students, faculty, staff, and scholars. We do not offer classes to the general public. If you are not officially affliated with Northwestern, please see our resources page for recommendations about other schools in the area that do have open enrollment classes: http://groups.linguistics.northwestern.edu/esl/resources.htm

Spring Quarter 2016 Registration Information


Registration for our Tutoring Program and NativeAccent accounts for Spring Quater will begin on Tuesday, March 29th (the first week of the Spring quarter) for all TGS students and scholars. Affiliates may register for these programs starting Tuesday, April 5. See our eligibility page for more information on who TGS students and scholars are, and who affiliates are.

Registration for classes (Linguistics 380) follows a different schedule:

PhD students and MFA students may request a permission number and register on CAESAR beginning on February 22nd (when registration for all classes begins). TGS masters students who plan to take the course for credit may apply for a permission number starting March 1st. This pre-registration period for PhD, MFA and TGS Masters students taking courses for credit continues through March 18, when permission number requests go on hold for Spring Break. At the start of the Spring Quarter on March 29th, registration will reopen for all TGS students and scholars (including postdocs and TGS masters students who wish to audit). Requests for permission numbers from PhD/MFA students and TGS masters students will continue to be processed through the end of add/drop week (Monday, April 4th).

PhD and masters students who apply for our tutoring and NativeAccent programs will be enrolled in a non-credit course (Linguistics 482 or 483). This course does not affect your GPA or course load, and you will enrolled in the class automatically by The Graduate School: you do not need a permission number for these courses.

All other students and scholars (NU affiliates) may apply to attend Linguistics 380 classes starting April 5th if space is still available at that time.


To participate in any of our services, you must fill out an online application form through a link on this registration page. This is a separate process from registering for a course through the University's CAESAR system. You must fill out an application for each service you would like to participate in. Links for classes will appear on this page on February 22nd, and links for tutoring and NativeAccent will appear on March 29th. Check back at those times to register, or sign up for our mailing list to be automatically sent a reminder when registration opens (see below).


Yes! If you are subscribed to our mailing list (NU-ESL), you will automatically receive an e-mail when registration opens. To be added to our mailing list, send an e-mail message to Assistant Director Daniel Tucker at elp@northwestern.edu and ask to be added to NU-ESL.


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