Poster Session

Investigating the phonological processing of morphologically complex words 

Naomi Berlove and Ariel M. Goldberg 

Gradient co-activation of articulatory phonological representations in speech errors 

Karen Chu & Matt Goldrick 

Acoustic correlates of phonological status and their effect on phonological processing 

Alejandrina Cristià & Amanda Seidl 

Phonological effects in wordform learning

Robert Daland, Anne van Leeuwen, Laura McPherson, Marc Garellek, David Wemhaner, Michael Tseng, & Jianjing Kuang

 Which speech sound categories matter most for word segmentation? 

Andrea Davis 

Context matters: Effects of repetition and lexical neighborhood on vowel production 

Jordana Heller & Matt Goldrick 

A comparison of hand-measured and automated speech rate measurements in the authoritative speech of Marine Corps Drill Instructors 

Cathy Hicks Kennard & Scott Jackson 

Perception of illusory vowels in phonetic contexts 

Jiwon Hwang 

Incomplete neutralization of final obstruent voicing: Which factors contribute to the maintenance of underlying contrast? 

Viktor Kharlamov

 Testing phonological models: The role of alternation in phonological relationships 

Yu-an Lu 

Over- and Under- generalization in derivational morphology 

Claire Moore-Cantwell

Frequency effects in production and perception of long vowels in Turkish 

Özge Sarigül

Nasal coarticulation in lexical perception: testing the role of neighborhood-conditioned variation

Rebecca Scarborough, Georgia Zellou, Will Styler

 Sub-symbolism and phonology 

Ali Tifrit 

Bayesian modeling of cross-language speech processing 

Colin Wilson & Lisa Davidson

Phrase-final lengthening on vowel length contrast 

Ivan Yuen & Katherine Demuth

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