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We maintain this list of private tutors in the Chicago area as a convenience for our students and their families. Not all of these tutors are affiliated with Northwestern University, and we cannot make specfic recommendations or guarantee the quality of any tutor outside of our program. Please use common sense when making a booking. Tutoring fees vary, but the range for one-on-one services is generally $25-$60 per hour. Many tutors offer discounts when clients book multiple sessions or pay in advance.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please contact one of the tutors listed below directly. Tutors may be contacted either by telephone or e-mail, see specific listings for details.

Steve Fix, PhD
Steve received his PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern after earning a BA at the University of Chicago. While at Northwestern, he taught several ESL courses, including those focusing on pronunciation, basic communication and conversational skills, and academic writing/editing and presentation. He also served as Northwestern's ESL Tutor, assisting students with both academic presentation skills and everyday communication.
e-mail: fixsteve@gmail.com

Kathleen Geraghty, MS
Kathleen (MS Developmental Lingustics) is an experienced ESL tutor with a wide variety of tutoring experience, available to work with clients in Evanston or Chicago, She teaches at NU's International Summer Institute and is currently completing NU's clinical program in Speech-Language Pathology. Kathleen is available for editing and proofreading, topics in American culture, and non-verbal communication skills for interviews, presentations, and oral speaking tests.
e-mail: k-geraghty@u.northwestern.edu, phone: 312-505-1332

Lindsey Landis
Lindsey Landis currently works for the Chicago Reader (Chicago Sun-Times) and holds a journalism degree from Indiana University. She has more than 8 years of writing and editing experience in the book publishing, media and academic industries. Lindsey has worked for Professional Dissertation Proofreading and Editing -- a Taiwanese company providing ESL services to students seeking publication in English language journals -- since 2007. She also offers ESL manuscript editing through her business, AUTHOREVOLUTION. Lindsey is a native English speaker with her TESOL/TEFL certification. She speaks Italian fluently and has a working knowledge of French.
e-mail: lalandis@gmail.com, phone: 812-207-7973

Jenna Luque, SLP
Jenna is a PhD student in Linguistics and a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She worked with students on accent modification for over five years. She has worked with the ISI program and NU ELL program for the past 2 years. Jenna is a native English speaker with some knowledge of Spanish and ASL. While she specializes in pronunciation, Jenna can also work on American culture, conversation, presentations, SPEAK and Versant Prep, etc.
e-mail: SLPJenna@gmail.com

Irene Sakk, MA
Over 20 years experience in teaching ESL to adults. Specialization: conversational and survival English, grammar and pronunciation.
e-mail: i-sakk@northwestern.edu

Cindy Shelton, MA
Cindy has an MA in Linguistics/TESOL and over 10 years of experience teaching ESL to adults. Cindy is happy to assist with conversation, public speaking, writing, listening, pronunciation, and SPEAK test preparation.
e-mail: cynders9@aol.com, phone: 773-766-6007

Noreen Sherwood
Specializing in conversational English, editing dissertations and master's theses for international students. Twelve years experience teaching English as a Second Language to adults.
e-mail: n-sherwood@northwestern.edu, phone: 847-475-5870 

Jody Sostrin, MA
Jody has been an instructor and tutor in the Northwestern ESL program and the International Summer Institute.
e-mail: jsostrin@hotmail.com, phone: 847-967-1617  

Carol Yoken, PhD
Carol has a Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Texas at Austin) and a graduate-level TESOL certificate (University of Cincinnati). She has 12+ years helping international students achieve their goals. She has been a writer/editor, professor, counselor, and university administrator. She has a wide range of publications and has assisted many students and professionals produce very polished documents and presentations. She loves editing all kinds of written material as well as coaching students with writing blocks; coaching for presentations and interviews; and tutoring for writing, presentations, and conversation.
e-mail: carolyoken@gmail.com, phone: 773-633-4748