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Weinberg College Senior Convocation

Convocation Video

View a recording of the 2010 Weinberg College Convocation ceremony.

Ordering Photos

To pre-register, view proofs and purchase photos, visit the GradImages site.

Graduation 2010

Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Convocation Speaker: Steven J. Harper

Congratulations on your anticipated graduation from Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences!

Convocation is Weinberg’s graduation ceremony. At Convocation, each individual student graduating from Weinberg is recognized by name, congratulated by the Dean and a department representative from their major and diplomas are distributed. Weinberg Convocation takes place at Welsh-Ryan Arena/McGaw Memorial Hall the day after


No tickets are necessary—all guests are welcome.

Convocation is held in the Welsh-Ryan Arena at McGaw Hall. The facility is wheelchair-accessible, but not air-conditioned. Water will be available.

A live stream of Convocation will be available at an air-conditioned space at the Technology Institute in LR2. The Welsh-Ryan Arena can get very hot so guests who are "heat-sensitive" are encouraged to watch the simulcast of the ceremony the air-conditioned comfort of Tech LR2 (map).

Special Seating
There is an area on the mezzanine floor designated for those guests with ambulatory limitations which is accessible by elevator. Additionally, there is a “special seating” area set aside of the first few rows of auditorium for those who have difficulty climbing stairs.
Guests should plan to arrive by 10:50 a.m. to sit in this area, as these seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.

There will be heavy congestion and limited parking available in the lots adjacent to the Arena. We recommend you take advantage of the additional parking available on campus and the free shuttle bus service between campus locations and Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Caps and gowns
Online rentals are required. All information on how to order gowns on-line can be found at http://www1.herffjones.com/college/graduation/index.cfm/cmd:enter/siteId:2810


A professional photographer will take pictures as each graduate crosses the stage.

Information on graduation images can be found at www.gradimages.com.


Diplomas are to be picked up immediately after Convocation under the west stands of Ryan Field, where caps and gowns are returned.

Day of Convocation - Sequence of Events

  • Graduating seniors participating in Convocation need to arrive at the field house at the Trienens Hall Indoor Football Facility by 10:45 a.m. Saturday, June 19, in their caps and gowns. Please note that parents and guests should go directly to the Welsh-Ryan Arena and will not be allowed in the Trienens Hall Indoor Football Facility.

  • Graduates will be grouped by major. Signs will be posted to distinguish departments. For graduates with double majors, please decide with which department to be affiliated during the ceremony.

  • Graduates check in at centrally located information tables, and pick up a pre-printed card with their name. If pronunciation of the name may be a problem, please provide a second, phonetic spelling. List one major—again, only one. Hold on to the card.

  • If a graduate is receiving academic honors (Cum, Magna, or Suma cum Laude), a special sticker will be affixed to the card at the information/check-in tables. If a graduate is receiving departmental honors, a second sticker will be attached to the card. (A master list of those receiving honors will be at the information/check-in tables.)

  • The procession from the Trienens Hall Indoor Football Facility into the Arena will begin promptly at 11:20 a.m. Ushers will be on hand to help form the processional lines, keep them organized and direct graduates to their seats. Please respect their assistance and follow their guidance.

  • The ceremony includes opening remarks by Dean Sarah Mangelsdorf and an address by the Convocation speaker, usually a distinguished faculty member. Then, by an usher’s signal, one row of graduates at a time will rise and proceed to the stage. Graduates will hand the card to the Reader and proceed across the stage as each name is announced. The Dean and a faculty representative from the majors will congratulate each graduate as he/she crosses the stage.

  • A professional photograph will be taken as each graduate shakes hands with the Dean. Proofs of these photographs will be available online within 48 hours of Convocation. (See Post Convocation for purchasing information.)

  • Graduates return to their seats until the end of the ceremony. Please remain seated until everyone has crossed the stage.

  • After all graduates have been congratulated, the Faculty will rise to lead the recession from the Arena. Graduates will recess under the direction of the ushers.


Preparing for Convocation

Q: I won't finish my coursework until August. Is it possible for me to attend convocation?
A: If you are an undergraduate or graduate student finishing your degree requirements in August, you may participate in the convocation ceremony. However, you will not receive your diploma on the day of convocation.  After you have completed your summer coursework, your degree will be audited and the diploma will be mailed to you.

Q: I completed my coursework in December, 09. Is it possible for me to attend the June Convocation?

A: If you completed your degree requirements in December 09, you may participate in the Convocation ceremony.

Q: Is it absolutely necessary to wear a cap and gown at the ceremony?
A: Yes. All participants must wear a University-approved cap and gown. Rental arrangements for caps and gowns must be made online by May 14, 2010, by visiting the Web site,

http://www1.herffjones.com/college/graduation/index.cfm/cmd:enter/siteId:2810 .

A valid NetID and password are required. Undergraduate rental fee is $50 (retain cap, tassel and stole, return gown.)

Q: When and where do I pick up my cap and gown?

A: Attire should be picked up at Louis Room at Norris University Center, 2nd Floor,
Wednesday, June 16th, 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Q: In addition to a cap and gown, what is appropriate attire for the ceremony?
A: The line-up for convocation is a lengthy process, and the weather in June is often quite hot. Please be sure that your shoes and the clothes worn under your gown allow you to be comfortable while preserving the dignity of the ceremony.


Q: Can I find out if I am receiving Academic Honors?

A: Information regarding Academic Honors is made available from the Office of the Registrar and is not available until one day prior to Commencement. Please do not contact the Office of the Registrar, 847-491-5234, to seek this information before June 17, 2010.

Q: Can I find out if I am receiving Departmental Honors?

A: Information regarding Departmental Honors is made available directly from your major department no earlier than 3 days prior to Commencement. Please do not contact your department to seek this information, before June 15, 2010.

Day of Convocation

Q: When should my family arrive for convocation?
A: Welsh-Ryan Arena/McGaw Memorial Hall is the site of several Convocation ceremonies on June 19. The McCormick School of Engineering Convocation takes place prior to the Weinberg Convocation. Weinberg guests cannot be seated until McCormick’s ceremony has concluded and their guests have vacated the Arena at 10:20 a.m.

Q: How many guests may I bring to Weinberg Convocation?
A: Tickets are not required and seating is first-come first-served.

Q: What if my guest has ambulatory limitations?
A: “Special seating” areas will be set aside on the first and second floors on a first-come, first-served basis, for guests with ambulatory limitations. Plan to arrive by 10:50 a.m. if you need to sit in one of these areas. Due to space limitations, we must ask that only the person with ambulatory limitations and one companion sit in these designated areas.

Q: When will I receive my diploma?
A: Assuming your coursework has been completed and all fees have been paid, you will receive your diploma after Weinberg Convocation ceremony when you return your rental regalia to Ryan Field, sections R and S.

Q:What does my diploma read?

A: All Weinberg College students receive a Bachelor of Arts diploma. The diploma does not indicate major or minor.

Q: If I am being granted a degree from another school at Northwestern University, but have received a major or minor in Weinberg College, will I receive a diploma from Weinberg College?

A: No, you will only receive a diploma from the school granting the degree.

Q: I am being granted a degree from another school at Northwestern University but since I have a major in Weinberg, I would like to participate in Weinberg's Convocation too. Is this possible?

A: Yes, as a courtesy to all Northwestern University students with majors in Weinberg, we allow students to participate in our Convocation.

Q: How do I get my diploma if I do not attend Convocation?

A: If you do not attend Convocation, your diploma will be mailed to you. Contact the Office of the Registrar, 847-491-5234 to make arrangements to have it mailed to your home address.

Post Convocation

To pre-register, view proofs and purchase photos, visit the web site,


For more information regarding Convocation
Call the Weinberg College Dean's Office, (847) 491-2209.