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Study Abroad

Many Weinberg College students spend time studying abroad, whether for a summer, for part or all of junior year, or even fall of senior year. Although study abroad doesn't fit all academic plans, for some students, it is a great way to augment and deepen study in a language or an academic field, experience other cultures, and gain new perspectives. The Study Abroad Office is an essential source of information about programs around the world as well as about the rules and process for going abroad. The Office of International Program Development offers a number of Northwestern-run study abroad programs that focus on issues such as public health, emerging structures, and science and engineering.

Advisers in the Study Abroad Office can work with you to select a program that fits your academic needs. Your WCAS Adviser and your faculty advisers in your major(s) and/or minor will also be invaluable resources before, during, and after your time abroad.

In this section of the WCAS undergraduate studies website, you'll find information about

If you are considering studying abroad, you should start by talking with your WCAS Adviser about your options, by looking over the Study Abroad Office's website, and taking the Study Abroad 101 on-line quiz.

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