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Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
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Majors and Minors in Weinberg College

Requirement Worksheets for Weinberg College Majors

Requirement Worksheets for Weinberg College Minors

Weinberg students can also complete certificates and minors offered through the School of Communication, School of Education and Social Policy, McCormick School of Engineering, Kellogg School of Management, Medill School of Journalism, Bienen School of Music, and other interdisciplinary programs.

Click on titles for department and program websites, locations, and contact information:

African American Studies (major, minor)

African and Asian Languages Program (minor in Chinese Language and Culture, minor in Japanese Language and Culture)

African Studies (major, minor)

American Studies (major)

Anthropology (major, minor)

Art History (major, minor)

Art Theory and Practice (major)

Asian American Studies (minor)

Asian Studies (adjunct major and minor in Asian Studies, major in Asian Languages and Civilizations)

Astronomy (see Physics)

Biological Sciences (major)

Business Institutions (minor)

Catholic Studies (minor)

Central and Southeastern European Studies (minor)

Chemistry (major, minor)

Chinese Language and Culture (minor)

Classics (major; minor concentrations in Latin, Greek, and Classical Studies)

Cognitive Science (major, minor)

Comparative Literary Studies (major)

Computer Science (major, minor)

Critical Theory (minor)

Drama (major)

Earth and Planetary Sciences (major, minor)

Economics (major, minor)

English (major, minor)

Environmental Policy and Culture (minor)

Environmental Sciences (major) (cross-school program)

Evolutionary Processes (minor)

French (major, minor)

Gender Studies (adjunct major, minor)

Geography (adjunct major, minor)

German (major, minor)

Global Health Studies (minor)

History (major, minor)

Humanities (minor)

Integrated Science (major)

International Studies (adjunct major, minor)

Italian (major, minor)

Japanese Language and Culture (minor)

Jewish Studies (major, minor)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (minor)

Latina and Latino Studies (major, minor)

Legal Studies (adjunct major, minor)

Linguistics (major, minor)

Materials Science (major, minor)

Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (adjunct major)

Mathematics (major, minor)

Middle East Studies (adjunct major and minor in Middle East Studies, major in Middle East Languages and Civilizations)

Philosophy (major, minor)

Physics (major, minor)

Political Science (major, minor)

Psychology (major, minor)

Religious Studies (major, minor)

Science in Human Culture (adjunct major, minor)

Slavic Languages and Literature (major in Slavic Languages and Literatures, minor concentrations in Russian and in Slavic Studies, and in Central and Southeastern European Studies)

Sociology (major, minor)

Spanish and Portuguese (major and minor in Spanish)

Statistics (major, minor)

Urban Studies (adjunct major)

World Literature (minor)


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