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Freshman Advising

During the summer before freshman year, you will be assigned to a freshman adviser, a member of the Weinberg College faculty who will work closely with you for your entire first year.

Most Weinberg students take a freshman seminar in their first quarter; the seminar instructor serves as their freshman adviser. This is true for all students except for those in HPME, ISP, MMSS, and the five-year BA/BMusic program. If you are in one of these programs, your freshman adviser will be someone with expertise in your particular program, and you will take your freshman seminars in the winter and/or spring.

Your freshman adviser is there to help teach you how to be a Weinberg College student: to adjust to the challenges of being in college, to help you find the appropriate classes to meet your interests and requirements, to answer your questions (and help you find your own answers, too!). Your freshman adviser is there to offer support when things are going well… and if you need help.

Your freshman adviser will meet with you before registration for each new quarter to talk about your courses, your interests, and your concerns. Beyond these required meetings, it’s a good idea to see your freshman adviser whenever you have questions about your academic life. Your adviser may not be able to answer all of your questions about course planning or about Northwestern, but he or she can tell you how to get in touch with people who can.

Each freshman adviser’s group of advisees is also assigned a peer adviser. Peer advisers are upperclassmen selected for their knowledge about the university and their commitment to helping new students. Your peer adviser will be another important resource for you during Wildcat Welcome as you finalize your fall quarter plans.

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