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First-Year Courses

Required Courses

Freshman Seminars are the core experience of the first year in Weinberg. Unless you are in a special degree program such as the Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME), the Integrated Sciences Program (ISP), Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS), or the dual degree program with the Bienen School of Music (BA/BMusic), you will take two Freshman Seminars, the first in the fall-quarter and the second in either the winter or spring as scheduled by the College.

Pre-Health Professions. Students intending to apply to graduate school in one of the health professions after Northwestern should consult a Pre-Health Adviser early in their first quarter. As a general rule, students should plan to begin their studies with General Chemistry and Calculus unless they have placed into more advanced classes. Consult the Chemistry and Mathematics departments for more detailed placement information.

Language Training. Weinberg College offers instruction in over twenty languages and strongly encourages students to pursue language training as long as possible. Unless there is a very good reason not to do so, students should either begin or continue language training during their freshman year as advised by the department offering that language. This is especially the case for students planning to study abroad or who intend to apply graduate school or go into business.

Sample Schedules

Fall-quarter schedules typically fall into one of two general patterns.

Students intending to pursue graduate study in one of the health professions typically enroll in a Freshman Seminar, Chemistry, Calculus, and a foreign language.

Most other students take a Freshman Seminar, a foreign language, a class offered by a department in which they might want to major, and a class that will fulfill one of their Distribution Requirements. Students should consult with their Freshman Advisers on how best to choose courses that will both fulfill graduation requirements and help them decide on a possible major.

Shakespeare Garden
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