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Northwestern Placement Exams

Placement exams allow you to use the background you have in a particular subject to start directly with higher level courses in that field and, in some cases, satisfy degree requirements. Northwestern offers placement exams in many foreign languages, in some sciences, in mathematics, and in computer science. If you have sufficiently high AP or IB scores, you may not need to take a placement exam. Consult our AP/IB credit chart and the foreign language requirement table to see what credits you have earned and what requirements you can fulfill based on your AP or IB scores.

Placement exams are available to incoming students during the summer and New Student Week. You can find information about placement exams through the Office of Student Affairs.

Many placement exams are also available throughout the academic year. If you didn't take a placement exam before the beginning of your first year but still want to take the test, you should contact the appropriate department directly.

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