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Weinberg College Distribution Requirements

One goal of a liberal arts education is exposure to a wide range of academic disciplines. All Weinberg College students take two one-quarter courses in each of six broad areas of intellectual inquiry within the arts and sciences.

The Distribution Areas

The six distribution requirement areas are:

Courses in each area share subject matter, ways of acquiring new information, evaluative criteria, and modes of analysis. By taking courses in each area, you can become familiar with a broad range of problems and the methodologies for approaching them, acquiring the breadth of interests and intellectual flexibility that are hallmarks of a well-educated person.

Interdisciplinary Studies courses. Some courses are approved for more than one distribution area. A student who takes such a course can choose in which eligible area to count it. For more information, see the Interdisciplinary Studies webpage.

Rules and policies for distribution requirements

Courses approved for distribution credit

Tips for completing your distribution requirements

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